June 9, 2011

High Availability

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Happened to read this good article on the net. As Jeremiah Wilton pointed at the start of that article, a careful analysis of database/system failures in our environments, would reveal a surprisingly consequential number of cases where these various HA technologies wouldnt have helped us much.

As DBA’s most of us would be aware of these limitations. But many a times, these HA implementation decisions are sold by us (DBA’s) to the managers, who might be ignorant of their limitations, but who are the final decision makers. Its our responsibility to clearly expound the virtues and limitations of the various HA technologies to the managers. But in reality things rarely happen that way. Many of us tend to strongly espouse the case of different HA technologies without equally highlighting/detailing these limitations. Whatever the motive we whould be guided by professional ethics in all such cases.


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