January 23, 2013

Storage Virtualization and Dynamic Tiering

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One of my recent projects, a DW project for a Telecom company in South Africa, involved configuring Hitachi VSP storage. Its good to see how the storage technologies are evolving, freeing the DBA’s from the nuts and bolts activity of configuring the storage.
I turned nostalgic, remembering how things were during the start of my career. At the start, while using direct attached storage, i used to carefully design file systems according to their IO pattern and performance requirements and carve them on different sectors of the hard disks. Later on volume managers simplified things. I still vividly remember configuring the high-end EMC Symmetrix 8830 boxes (as well as HP Superdome 24000) in 2001. Configuring that high-end storage too wasn’t free from the nuts and bolts activity. I was closely working with the EMC engineers in carving out Hypers and Metas. We still worked at sector level for better performance of some classes of data like REDO.
I feel that enhancements in storage virtualization and Dynamic Tiering are going to reduce a lot of storage configuration effort and headache for the DBA’s. It would be interesting to watch how the storage technologies fan out in the future.


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